About Us

We aim to be the next Gold Producer in Victoria, the best address for gold mining. We are situated in Fosterville, a gold mining town in Australia where the world’s highest grade and lowest cost gold mine is located.

The Golden Camel Mines and Projects have the same geology that Fosterville had in 1995. 


Victoria gold mines



Acquired –2 x EL’s and 2 x MIN’s from Iron Mountain Mining (ASX:IRM) near Colbinabbin in central Victoria


Approved Mining Permits – All studies completed and statutory permits granted to mine the Golden Camel project


Land Expansion – EL’s over nearby Bailieston and Heathcote, both open pits mined in the 1990’s


Gold Production & deep drilling – Mining and processing at nearby facility for ~400 ounces. First deep sulphide intercept drilled

Farm-out – Catalyst Metals {ASX:CYL} to earn a controlling interest in 2 x EL’s via deep drilling


Deep Drilling – CYL drills extension and preliminary deep holes under Golden Camel mine


Process Facility JV  – GCM signs JV to permit and build CIL toll treating process facility near Nagambie ( GCM is the operator)

Deep drilling – CYL drills 3 follow-up diamond core holes under Golden Camel Mine

Toolleen drilling – Drilling to extend / support historical information

Land Expansion – Applied for 2 x EL’s adjacent to and west of original EL’s the Company was founded on in 2014


Revised Mineralization Models – Five mineralised deposits models developed from historical data (ready for JORC update to reserves

Process Facility Permitting and Construction – Permitted in progress for August 2021, commissioning in April 2022.

Mineralised Ore Bioleaching (MOB) – Under development with third party. Commercialisation scheduled for July 2023.