Camel Sulphides Ore Resources Development

GCM is following the Fosterville model of mining low risk shallow oxide ores with similar geology ahead of developing higher grade sulphide ores at depth.


The Golden Camel sulphide development is subject to the possible participation of Catalyst Metals should they elect to exercise their Option to acquire 50.1% of mining tenements MIN5548 & MIN5570.

Following the completion of mining of the oxide ore by GCM down to RL 185 in accordance with the approved Work Plan and CYL agreement, sulphide mapping and drilling will commence in the transition zone.

Sulphide resource upgrade and pit optimisation for possible enlarged open pit.

Work plan variation for sulphide open pit and underground development.

Underground sulphide mine planning using additional drilling from the bottom of oxide pit.

Underground development from portal access in existing open pit.


Fosterville Gold Mine Projection
Golden Camel Mine

Golden Camel longitudinal section (amended from Catalyst Metals)